Friday, October 29, 2010

Haha... Good Old Times.

Looking back at this blog I must say I've shared quite some embarrassing stuff with you guys, and I've been distrustful and misleading. I'm just laughing my head off looking at this!

Anyway I'm now going to begin a new blog, "Let's Play with dudesky1000", because I have begun my sad, torturous career as a Let's Player! I will post a summary with each new video (Currently I have 2 games going on, Super Mario 64 and GoldenEye 64), and I hope you will enjoy my adventures more than I do!

I'm not sure where my Awesome Site will head to next, but until next time, keep being REALLY Awesome!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is me

This is me:

Friday, August 08, 2008

New Mario Kart Wii tournament today!

Today is another Mario Kart Wii tournament, and it starts in about an hour. My first opponent will be Ruben, and as I type this he is on his way for a practice session with me. Wish me luck! It's going to be a tough first round!

103rd... this is getting old isn't it...

102nd post!


101st post!!!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mario Kart Wii Tournament Recap

To start off, we (Ruben and I) watched a few of the other competitors practice, and we waited impatiently for the tournament to begin. The tournament rules were standard knockout. Two names would be called, and the winner would face the next person in line. The matches were best-of-three, with Rainbow Road as a tiebreaker At the end of the line, whoever was victorious would win. When the referee in charge came up to start, he called my name and another kid's name. He looked about 8 or 9 or so, and I felt slightly bad about having to race him right away.

Round 1

Course 1 - Luigi Circuit
As I expected, this was the first race of the tournament. It was pretty straight-forward. I won somewhat easily and some of the people in line were talking about my racing (I think they were saying something about swift movements???). I won by a little over half a lap and the next race was...

Course 2 - Coconut Mall
Another (swift???) race and I got to show off some of my technical skills (doing tricks off of escalators, stairs, etc.) which successfully intimidated the crowd that was forming behind me. Also a win by about a half of a lap, and before I knew it, the next person in line was racing me.

Round 2

Course 1 - Daisy Circuit
This was the first time my opponent actually played the game, so it was almost a steamroll when he lost his way and started going backwards...

Course 2 - GCN Peach Beach
He started off much better than last time, and even almost had a small lead over me, but it didn't last. After a short while he lost his way and by then it was over. His pal was next to play.

Round 3

Course 1 - N64 Sherbet Land
By coincidence, it turned out it was this guys first time playing too. He spent most of his time figuring out the controls and items system and bumping into walls while I weaved through the course (some were gasping how well I was maneuvering) 

Course 2 - DS Desert Hills
Just like his friend, he got a little better by the second race, but I got lucky with some good items at the start (mega mushroom, triple red shells) that gave me an inevitable lead. That is when I heard that Ruben was next...

Round 4 (Ruben's turn)

Ruben walked up confidently and prepared for my demise. I laughed and said not to get his hopes up. Instead of coming up with a decent comeback he did one of his you're stupid smiles.

Course 1 - SNES Mario Circ-- "Wait can't we do another race???" Ruben instantly said, knowing that SNES Mario Circuit 3 is my absolutely best course. "No way Ruben, that's messed up" I said. "You just don't want me to demolish you right away... fine. Do Peach Gardens..."

The REAL Course 1 - DS Peach Gardens
As always, Ruben started off by putting up a good fight. We stayed neck-and-neck for about a lap and a half, which made the crowd burst with excitement (they thought somebody might actually beat me!), but after we started the third lap he had gotten hit with a few shells, maing it almost impossible to win. Seems like it didn't matter I wasn't in my best course because I placed 1st and he stopped after I won and waited for the next race.

Course 2 - GCN DK Mountain
After the Ref. picked this course, I thought to myself... "dammit! He always used to beat me here in the Gamecube version!" As I predicted, not even halfway through the lap he had a lead on me and the crowd was going wild yelling both of our names (by this time we had some fans in the store). On the second lap he got hit by a blue shell right before the cannon and I took the lead while thanking him for being in first place for me. By the third lap though, he got the best of me and we were extremely close on the final bridge. I wheelied slowly to the finish line and he just finished ahead of me. When the results got out that we were going into a tiebreaker race everybody in the store came to watch. People we cheering me on to comeback and win, as were the others rooting Ruben on to dethrone me.

Tiebreaker - Rainbow Road
Yes, people were going absolutely insane at the fact I might be defeated, but I didn't think that Ruben would be able to beat me here (I was tutoring him on how to do well in this course just an hour before). Anyway, he stayed right behind me for about a lap, but it wasn't long before he cracked and fell off of the course. This was followed by him falling about 3-4 more times and me beating him in the end. He pulled of a great showing, and when I lost, it was a wake up call.

Round 5

Course 1 - Moo Moo Meadows
A fresh start and a new person. This was a course I was comfortable with after Rainbow Road, and I made short of this race.

Course 2 - DS Yoshi Falls
Another, very short race, where items can be a deciding factor. Unfortunately for my opponent, it was not.

Round 6

Course 1 - DK Summit
Not to be repetitive, but this race was very similar to Moo Moo Meadows with the last guy. I even had extra time to hang out in the half pipe to do about ten tricks!

Course 2 - Maple Treeway
I also did a pretty short job here. Somehow in the middle of the race we got into a conversation about how pretty the course was (???).

Round 7

Course 1 - Koopa Cape
This guy raced slightly better than his friends, even though he was no match for Koopa Cape. If I remember correctly, just about this time some wrong number from Washington kept on calling my cell phone, which was annoyingly buzzing around in my pocket. Also during this time I got into a conversation about old mario kart games and movies (yes, I'm quite the multi-tasker). After this long course came a somewhat troublesome one for me...

Course 2 - Wario's Gold Mine
I start the race... we enter the gold mine... it's pretty close... and then... I FALL??? It was the first time I had fallen all day, and loud gasps were coming from the crowd. In the end, it didn't really matter because I nearly lapped him.

Round 8 (The last one on line)

Course 1 - Dry Dry Ruins
Honestly, I was surprised in how this race ended up. I made very short work of my opponent and Dry Dry Ruins isn't even one of my better courses. It was around the finish when somebody walked into the store, watched a little, and asked if he could join. He was wearing shades and wasn't even here for the Mario Kart tournament (he came for the evening Gears of War tournament) and he said he had never played before. I confidently accepted, but it would end up being a very dumb mistake (my ego was controlling me at this point).

Course 2 - Toad's Factory
During this entire race Ruben was giving me a cold stare (this was the only race he could beat me in during our practice that morning) and I was quick to eliminate this contender.

Round 9 (the FINAL round where Evan makes a dumb mistake!)

I accepted the challenge and so did the Ref, so he went up and we began...

Course 1 - N64 Mario Raceway
Per usual, my stupid inflated ego knew that this was one of my 'always win' courses and I went into my normal racing mode to give him somewhat of a chance (can't completely stand-over a first-timer!). Little did I know he was a natural at this game and he destroyed me with items while he took a good lead. I realized the I had either been dooped or overconfident, so I went into intense game-mode and took the lead again. By the third lap I was doing okay, but then a blue shell came to get me... then another one... and a third??? After this really unlucky chain of events I had no chance of coming back and had to accept defeat. The crowd was silenced and people were quietly cheering for me to come back and give them a show-stopping finish. It all depended on what course the Ref. chose next...

Course 2 - SNES Ghost Valley 2
And this was probably the worst course I could've gotten. This race usually only lasts a minute long and is entirely item based. I was already unlucky for one thing, but this was another. When the race started I could feel myself trembling. I was in the lead by a little, but my opponent had lightning and waited for the perfect moment to use it... Right when I was near a hole in the bridge he used it and I plummeted off of the course. He got some mushrooms and was already halfway through the final lap. Over where I was, almost finished with my second lap, I tried to soar ahead. I picked up a mega mushroom, and got to about 5th place. I also picked up a triple mushroom item and flew to second place. He was on the home stretch, about 2-3 seconds to the finish, when a blue shell shot at him and he was sent flying in the air. I used the opportunity to get to the front and finished the race! Everyone was screaming my name and knew that watching had payed off. They would get to see me vs. my rival in Rainbow Road!

Tiebreaker - Rainbow Road
We both started well, but for my rival it didn't last long, as Rainbow Road proved to be too tough, even for a lucky beginner. I cruised through the course and almost beat him by a lap. Everyone was celebrating that I had pulled off a miracle, and congratulated me on my big finish. The Ref. shortly came back with my prize and I left a champion- not to mention this was my very first video gaming tournament ever, and that I knocked off everyone that showed up from the very first race. Post comment or questions please!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes, there was a big Mario Kart Wii tournament today at my local GameStop, and guess who entered... (yes, that was full of sarcasm...) ME! And, I also invited my pal Ruben to compete for the prize (A GameStop gift card). After signing up for the tournament, we hung around the store for a while, trying to figure out a broken X-Box controller and watched a kid on line buy at least 20 games! (The cashier was in distress when he saw the order). I will be recapping the results of the tournament in the next post, but be warned, there is a lot of action!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tricked you...

...About me posting one that night. It has been a lot of nights. You will just have to wait.........

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Back in Business BABY!

That's right! After a strange absence... I am BACK!!! YEAH!!!!
I've got batches of videos waiting to be posted, so stay put, and grab the popcorn, because 10 NEW movies are all on their way!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!
P.S. I might surprise you with one tonight...
Here are the ten (in order of release):
Running Man (animated)
Election Film
Ping Pong (animated)
The White Stuff
Evil Banana (animated)
Taco Grande

Boat Brigade (animated)
Quarter Stacks
PRT Finale (animated)

(Picture not shown for secrecy!)

I will post them randomly at random times. Tonight, keep your eye(s) out for the first movie (also the first of five animated shorts), Running Man, about some guy walking up some strange place!